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We empower artists/labels to maximize their earnings while protecting and managing them.


What is AirXone Musik?
AirXone Musik is a Sri Lankan independent record label also distro dev, primarily focused on electronic music.
How I submit demos?
Send us your demos to “”. Make sure you are sending us only private SoundCloud links not shared with another label(s).
Can I use “AXM” music in my videos on YouTube?
Yes, we’ll ask you to credit the artist and song(s) used in the video description to prevent from copyright strikes. Example, Track Title: [song/track name] Artist: [artist name] Music: [youtube/spotify link] Label: AirXone Musik
Can I monetize my video if I have used “AXM” music?
When you’re monetizing our content(s) on your channel it is not subject to copyright strike while you properly credit us. But we have full rights to claim your video at any time by a copyright claim.
I received a strike, What I do?
It seems you do not credit us properly as we mentioned above. Or sometimes it can be our creator’s investigate. Please mail us “” your claims in detail. Without properly informed mails will be rejected without a reply.
What is the status of my demo?
Sometimes we can take a much longer time to review your demos. If you have not received feedback within 3 weeks, it says your demo is rejected. Try again later.
Do you accept third-party samples?
The short answer is NO. We no longer accept demos when it contains 3rd party samples.
How do I license a track?
Recommend while you as an independent artist: Soundrop, Distrokid, Songfile (HFA)
Direct licensing for covers?
We no longer offer direct licensing for everyone.
Can I publish remixes?
Yes. you can remix our contents and put it on your YouTube Channel. But make sure you don’t distribute remixes without permission from us!