artists and labels 

artists and labels 

artists and labels 



Founded in 2019, we provide best-in-country facilitating and managing huge of aspects for our client's careers, helping them to succeed in a time of change under our umbrella. The company has the expertise and relevant experience in providing services such as music distribution and publishing, content production, marketing and promotions specialized in multiple genres of music.

We have provided a dedicated client portal, best-in-class copyright detection and content monetization, and an industry-leading platform to keep you in control of your music in this new era. Since music is our passion, we provide a dedicated direct line for our clients to help their corporate goals.

We maximize opportunities to monetize content across all digital platforms providing access to the technology that transparently allows you to track earnings, and keep an eye on statistics while keeping your independency.

Artist & Label Services



Music Distribution

Deliver your audio and video content from one centralized platform up to 100+ stores worldwide.

Music Publishing

Maximizing your potential, register your all works to YouTube Content ID and PROs and CMOs worldwide.

Data & Analytics

Track everything including performance and revenue analytics, while maximizing transparency.

Marketing & Promotions

DIO – Work with industry professionals in Sri Lanka, while bringing your vision to real life.

Advance Funding

Fund yourself. We help to make it real while offering several types of advances and bonuses to our clients.


Split upcoming royalties between the project shareholders while managing complicated payments automatically.

trusted by artists 

trusted by artists 

trusted by artists 

trusted by artists 

trusted by artists 



Where is AirXone located?

AirXone Pvt. Ltd. is a music tech company located in Sri Lanka with various genres of artists and labels. We are a fully digitalized online-based company believed and supported by the new ERA.

How do I get invited to AirXone?

Request an invite to AirXone by filling details through below button, keep in mind every request subject to prior review by our team at month's end. At the time AirXone accepts only labels and high-end artists.

Who do I contact if I’m interested in licensing content from AirXone?

If you would like to license master recording/composition rights from an AirXone artist, please mail us at "[email protected]"

Who do I contact if I have copyright-related issues?

If you believe an example of our music being illegally distributed? Please feel free to mail us at "[email protected]"

Who do I contact if I am a revenue holder with a question about royalty administration?

If you are a royalty participant and believe you are entitled to receive a split? Contact your project administrator or mail us at "[email protected]".

How do I find out more about internship opportunities with AirXone?

Backed by the best in the #MusicBiz. If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, post your profile to "[email protected]"